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JarsBrowser 3.0

The Jars Browser is a simple free Swing application for browsing a set of jar files.
It scans a directory or a Java archive (Jar, EAR, WAR) to answer these simple questions:

It helps resolving classpath problems as well as sealing violation issues when different versions of a class are contained in multiple Jars.

New: JarsBrowser can inspect Jars in EAR and WAR files recursively.

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Using JarsBrowser


Requirement: Java 5 required.(Get it now)

Scanning a directory or a Java archive

Scan a directory or an archive:

Using the search bar

The entered text allows to extract the files: One wildcard character can be used: '*' means any characters (e.g: org/apache/*.gif)


2005 Christophe Marton. All rights reserved.

In short:

Please read the full End User License Agreement.


If you have any comment or suggestion, send mail to:
(Please add [jarsbrowser] to the subject).

Not satisfied with Jars Browser?

Have a look to Scott Persinger's Jar Browser:

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